Video for Umanzuki / Porta (Yerevan Tapes)

Umanzuki is the youngest act to emerge from the current Italian Occult Psychedelia milieu. What was born as some sort of exotic free-jazz combo with the Sonic Birds EP, quickly developed into Tropical Nature Of Tiaso, a 35 minute-long improvisation built upon minimal electronics, diluted sounds and reduced synthetic rhythm.

Porta, their newest effort, explores one more artistic metamorphosis. Focusing on a EP format the Florence based trio has been able to shape the looseness of its previous creations and give birth to two skillfully crafted 8-minute tracks.

With Porta meaning Door it is no surprise that we feel like entering a new zone here, where A side is a somehow refined version of paths already explored on Tropical Nature Of Tiaso, while the flipside opens to a new, almost club-oriented dimension.

Watch the video on NOISEY.