Edvard Munch und das Unheimliche

Last week I went to Vienna for some days to visit the Edvard Munch exhibition at the Leopold Museum. To be honest: It was the best exhibition I've seen so far. The curator Michael Fuhr and director Rudolf Leopold did a truly amazing job. They showed 37 works of Munch and I guess over 200 works in total. There was a whole room with paintings and drawings of James Ensor, they showed Alfred Kubin, Goya, Schiele, Böcklin and so many other great artists (also my nearly forgotten, personal hero from Norway - Theodor Kittelsen) that I needed several hours to look at all the works. I mean, normally I tend to be a depressive pessimist - but this day at 'Edvard Munch und das Unheimliche' was really a highlight. The sad news for all of you: Sunday (January 17) was the last day of the exhibition, but there's at least an exhibition catalogue available (published by Brandstätter) and a 360 degree view of the Munch room (